Seasonal Maintenance Projects

Here’s is your chance to check out our spring, summer, and fall cleanup skills before putting them to use in your lawn and landscape!

Duplex Cleanup:
Spring Seasonal Maintenance 

Click on any image in the photo gallery below to view full-size pictures of this Telos Lawn Care service in Hermiston, OR.

We pride ourselves on attention to detail and these before and after lawn mowing and weeds service photos really show you what we mean.  Check out the weeds growing in the cracks in the driveway and beds in the before pictures and how they are gone in the after!

We’d love to whip your lawn into shape if it is in need too.

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Leaf Removal:
Fall Seasonal Maintenance

Similar to the project above, this was a lawn and landscape maintenance project performed by Telos Lawn Care in Hermiston, OR. We were hired by the landlord to maintain the grounds of his rental property.

The before and after photos are drastic!

This landscape project involved a lot of weeding, in the flower beds, and also in cracks in the pavement. The edging is what made this service really pop. Notice the defined edges in all of the after pictures.

Click on any image in the photo gallery below to view full-size pictures.

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