Landscape Makeover Project

Telos Lawn Care performs landscape makeovers of all types.  Sometimes a landscape makeover can consist of removing the weeds and trimming the plants back into shape.  Larger landscape renovations can include ripping out dead or overgrown plant material and replacing it with new plant material.

This Landscape Went From Zero to Hero

We only have 1 project on display in our landscape makeover gallery, but it is a doozy!

Scroll through the 50 photos in the gallery below to see how we transformed this landscape in 1 hard day’s worth of work.  Yes, 1, hard day’s worth of work!

This project included a little bit of every TLC a landscape could possibly need. 

It was labor-intensive and it was hot outside…

But, it was 100% worth it when we got to show this homeowner their new and improved lawn and landscape!

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