A small lawn that has been recently mowed by Telos Lawn Care. The grass has been professionally cut and where the grass meets the sidewalk has been edged.

Lawn Mowing

Telos Lawn Care offers lawn mowing in Hermiston and nearby.  If you are looking for a lawn mowing company to show up and perform a high-quality service each and every week, you sound like an ideal customer to us!

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Quick Details of our Lawn Mowing Service

  • Mowing of your entire lawn
  • Trimming and edging of borders
  • Grass clipping cleanup
  • Scheduled service intervals
  • Professional equipment
  • Unmatched reliability
  • Fair pricing
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

😁  And we’ll do it all with smiles on our faces!  😁

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We Are Grass Cutting Professionals

At Telos Lawn Care we know you have a lot of options when you are searching for a lawn mowing service.

We set our company apart from our competition by delivering a true professional lawn service starting with our customer service and finishing up on your lawn paying extreme attention to detail as we mow.

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We're Located in Hermiston

Our lawn service is locally owned and operated from Hermiston, OR.  We serve all nearby communities.

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The Mowing Season

We start mowing in March and continue through October.

A small residential back yard that has recently received a lawn mowing service from Telos Lawn Care.

We Use Proper Lawn Mowing Techniques

Mowing is the periodic cutting of a turf grass lawn to a specified height.

Because correct lawn mowing practices are so important to lawn care, Telos Lawn Care is committed to these lawn mowing techniques.

Our practice is to remove only the top third of the grass when mowing.

Following the one-third rule, we work together with the client selecting a mowing height appropriate for the turf grass species in their lawn. We then schedule the mow frequency, so we cut off no more than the top third of the grass plant, encouraging a healthier lawn with stronger roots.

The optimal length for your lawn depends on the specific type of grass you have, but in the areas we service, most of the varieties of grass thrive at around 2 to 3 inches in height.

Mowing the top one-third of the grass allows lawn owners the choice to leave the clippings on the turf. Leaving the grass clippings on the lawn ensures up to 15% of the nutrients supplied from fertilizer return to the lawn. We call this “Grass Cycling.”

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View Past Lawn Maintenance Projects

See before and after photos of Telos Lawn Care’s lawn mowing and maintenance service.

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How much does lawn mowing cost?

Every lawn is different!  Please contact us for your personalized lawn mowing quote.

We Follow Systems For Consistent Results

We have an array of mowers in our fleet to efficiently care for and professionally cut all the various sizes of lawns.

Our walk-behind mowers range in sizes which include 22”, 25”, 30”, and 33”.  We also have wide-area mowers of 36, 48”, and 52”.

We change the direction that we cut the grass every time we mow.  By changing the direction, it encourages the grass to grow more evenly and reduce the ruts that develop as a result of continuous compaction of soil under mower wheels.

We also make sure that our lawn mower blades are kept sharp to ensure that the grass is cut evenly.

We string trim around the lawn areas where the mowers cannot mow safely and effectively.  We edge all lawn perimeters that are along sidewalks, patios, and driveway areas to enhance the home’s curb appeal.

Most lawns in our area have a mix of grasses that range from Fine and tall fescues, perennial ryegrasses, Kentucky bluegrass, and the not so desirable Bermuda grass.

A large residential home that has recently been mowed by Telos Lawn Care. The grass has been neatly cut and the sidewalk and walkway has been edged.
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You don’t have to take it from us!  Our awesome customer base has already shared their experience using Telos Lawn Care’s lawn mowing service in Hermiston and nearby.

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