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Telos Lawn Care offers old-fashioned customer service and quality that is hard to find in today’s world.

We are looking to attract new customers that want the very best care for their lawn and landscape.

A residential home with blue siding. The surrounding lawn is neatly mowed and the landscape beds lining the home are filled with fresh mulch and neatly pruned shrubs and bushes.
A cartoon mascot of Mike Spalione, owner of Telos Lawn Care. He is holding a sign that says, "Hi! I'm Mike. The owner of Telos Lawn Care."

Meet Mike
…The Owner!

Mike’s last name is not Telos! But Spalione, he’s that Italian guy.

Yes, he is the reason you can expect the best of the best when you hire Telos Lawn Care for your lawn and landscape maintenance needs.

Telos simply sums up Mike’s outlook on his company and the way they provide their services.  Telos is a Greek word with a rich history.

τέλος is how the Greek write the word.  It is pronounced télos.

According to Wikipedia, Telos is a term used by philosopher Aristotle to refer to the full potential or inherent purpose or objective of a person or thing, similar to the notion of an ‘end goal’ or ‘raison d’être’.

Moreover, it can be understood as the “supreme end of man’s endeavor.”

Hence “Our Aim is Your Satisfaction!”

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