Landscape Maintenance Project

Maintaining even relatively basic landscapes can overwhelm the average homeowner.  There is no need to worry though!  We are here if you need assistance or want professional landscape maintenance.

Cleaning Up The Landscape:
4-Unit Rental Property Case Study

This was a somewhat small project but the before and after photos speak volumes!

This goes to show what a little TLC can do to the appearance of a landscape in a few short hours.

We before landscape cleanups of all sizes.  No matter how overgrown your landscape has become, we can still get it back under control.

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Pruning, Weeding, and Mowing:
Cute Home in Hermiston Case Study

The hedgerow out front of this home in Hermiston clearly depicts our skill at pruning plants.  The bushes were severely overgrown so a lot of material had to be taken off.  We were able to bring them back to a natural and uniform shape without leaving brown or bare spots.  We see that mistake made by homeowners and less skilled landscapers a lot when pruning overgrown shrubs.

It’s almost easy to miss.  Be sure to check out the weeping tree in the corner in the before and after pictures to see how nicely that tree cleaned up!

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