A large landscape bed lining a residential home. The mulch has been cleared out to prepare for new mulch to be laid down.

Landscape Bed Care and Mulching

Landscape bed care and mulching are important landscape maintenance work that unifies the landscape and enhances the overall property appearance.

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Landscape Maintenance Can Include:

  • Lawn to bed definitions. We use the Stihl bed redefine tool to create beautiful crisp edges.
  • Pruning, trimming, and shaping shrubs
  • Flower planting
  • Clean out Weeds, leaves, and debris
  • Spread a fresh layer of mulch to unify and enhance the beauty of your flower beds.

😎  Stay cool and let us handle the hard work in the garden this year! 😎

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Benefits of Mulching Your Garden Beds

  • Mulch improves soil moisture retention and helps reduce watering needs.
  • Mulch insulates the soil against extreme temperature fluctuations, which helps protect plant roots.
  • Mulch can decompose naturally into the soil (depending on mulch type), which can improve soil quality.
  • Mulch helps keep weed growth down and also makes them easier to spot and remove.
  • Mulch helps prevent soil compaction.
  • Fresh mulch breathes new life into a weather-worn landscape.
  • It also acts as a guide to keep maintenance equipment away from roots and trunks in your landscape.
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We also provide our landscape maintenance services in Umatilla County and Morrow County, OR.


When is the best time to mulch?

Mulch should go down after spring cleanup and weed control/fertilizer.

A small fenced in back lawn that has been recently mowed and edged by Telos Lawn Care. The grass is very green and healthy.

You Have Options When Choosing Mulch or Stone

We apply mulch to reinforce weed suppression and to protect the soil and plants.

Some properties add an additional fall layer of mulch to stabilize soil temperatures and help retain moisture during the cold season.  It also looks nice for the holidays!

There are many different types of mulch, including organic options, readily available for our area.

Popular Types of Mulch & Stone

  • Shredded bark
  • Cedar mulch
  • Dyed mulch
  • Rubber mulch
  • Wood chips
  • Bark chips
  • Decorative stones
  • River rock
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How much does mulch installation cost?

Every landscape is different!  Please contact us so we can get more information about exactly what you would like done. We’ll also need to see your landscape before providing an accurate quote.

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